Faculty Alumni

Did you know nearly half of our faculty and staff are proud John Carroll alumni? 

Principal Corey Collins-Heroux, class of 2004

Mrs. Jeannie Powers-Christopher, class of 1987

Director of Campus Ministry Jennifer Hoeffner-Capezza, class of 1992

Assistant Principal Karen Stromak-Vercillo, class of 1993

Guidance Counselor Mrs. Melissa Richmond-McWhorter, class of 1995

Coach Jimmy Hebb, class of 1996

Communications Specialist Jayne Johnson-Platts, class of 2009

Director of Enrollment Lynn Sikorski-McClure, class of 1978

Mrs. Kaylee Collins-Tobin, class of 2002

Mr. Joey Trefelner, class of 1993

Mr. Dominick Scotto, class of 1966

Mr. Jeff Guettler, class of 1980

Mr. Marty Noelke

Mr. Michael Bryk, class of 2015

Mr. Tommy Ageeb, class of 2014

Mrs. Mary DeSalvo

Mrs. Gabby Clark

Mr. Eric Gilreath, class of 2015